Project examples

My bachelor thesis was to find a way to make it easier to guide a biopsy by redesigning a laparoscopic ultrasound transducer.
Product Development
Life Science
This project aimed to bridge the gab between knowledge obtained in Human-Robot Interaction research and the practice of developing robots in industry.
Method Development
Design of environmental focused Product-/Service System surrounding the school lunch EAT.
Product Development
iCare System
The iCare system is a monitoring system that is based on the functions already available in a smartphone.
Life Science
System Design
Search and Rescue
The solution addresses three main tasks; searching for victims trapped inside buildings and/or under debris, rescuing trapped victims and coordination between UN rescue teams, international rescue teams, local authorities and local civilians.
System Design
Everything you surround yourself with influences your mood and state of mind. This home automation solution lets you take control of the atmosphere in your home and have it support your well being.
System Design
UX Design

About Me

I got my master as an engineer in Design and Innovation a product development department at the Technical University of Denmark during which I have done a semester and taught Innovation and Creative Development at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, worked at the Innovation Hub DTU Skylab and developed methods for Human-Robot Interaction Design. My education has prepared me for thinking out-of-the-box and has giving me the needed technical knowledge to get familiar with a product, service or method and work towards a more ideal solution. This is my website portfolio arranged by my acquired skills and interests and the individual projects. Enjoy.

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Product Development

I believe that a great product design starts and ends with the user which should be seen in the design and its surrounding system.

System Design

A system should be transparent, easy to follow and beneficial to all the involved partners.

User Experience

The result of a great product design and surrounding system is a successful user experience!

About Me

This page is an online portfolio for Kira Madsen Lorenzen

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